Tuesday, 7 October 2008

All change

We've decided to ring the changes on the site, hope you like them.
One of the reasons was that Paul Dale of the Post got a little confused about whose blog it is. The heading in the "about us" section said Keith Barton so we have changed that to reflect the true nature of the blog in that it is written by and about all 3 of us. That is why it is written in the 3rd person. It would be confusing if all 3 of us wrote I when we contributed an article so we just stick to the 3rd person.
Before we get on to last weeks Conference Sue and Keith bumped into Paul at the East & West Midlands Reception together with his editor Mark Reeves, more of whom later. A third of the previous Saturday's Iron Angle had been devoted to Keith and his blog so he thanked Paul for all the publicity, that always throws them.
As you will see Paul was a little apprehensive at first but soon cheered up after he and Keith kissed and made up, well a manly handshake was exchanged anyway.