Thursday, 12 June 2008

We're back!!!

Sorry about the hiatus but problems with the PC as well as being incredibly busy have stymied the blog for a while but hopefully everything will be back to normal again.
Today we see the resignation of David Davis. We have met him several times and admire him greatly. He is not a man for gimmicks and this is a genuine attempt to give the country a kick up the backside and get people talking about the way we seem to be sleepwalking into a Stalinist surveillance society with internment without trial. The 42 days may appear to be aimed at a few Muslim terrorists but truly we are all at risk from a government headed by a control freak and a party that thinks it knows best about everything and everyone. But then Socialists have always been that way inclined.
The main personal news is that Keith is switching to take on the chairmanship of the new H R and Equalities committee. This will be a very powerful group which will be looking at Personnel issues post Single Status and Pay and Grading. Hard work, a lot of detail but a fascinating subject.
On the personal front Sue has finally had the cast taken off her arm. Relief at last!
Her arm will be in need of some TLC for a while but at least she can now get some movement into her shoulder and elbow and she will be glad to get back behind the wheel again.
We are in the middle of having a new bathroom fitted, complete chaos for a while but now starting to look a bit like the finished article.
In amongst all the meetings, briefings and seminars we managed to get to see "Madhouse" at the Rep. What a show! Great music, pure energy and a proper story with great twists and turns. GO SEE!!!!.
We had the first proper Council Meeting on Tuesday. Labour still look demoralised, Sir Albert tried to have a go but doesn't look as if his heart is in it and the 2 amendments they put down were really weak. It seems obvious that they have lost some important members. Selma Yaquoob made a really powerful speech condemming postal votes on demand as a way of manipulating the vote and denying some Muslim women the opportunity to vote as they see fit. Even Labour ended up supporting her after some reluctance, they started off with only Sybil Spence applauding her but by the end of the speech they were won round. Hopefully we can see the end of this pernicious system.
This Saturday we are holding the Frankley Summit, an attempt to get local people involved with the issues they face and to see if they can come up with some solutions.