Friday, 27 June 2008

Ken's world

We've been a bit remiss in keeping you up to date with what Ken has been up to lately.
Last week he had to miss the Longbridge Ward Committee as he was in Harrogate for the National Housing Conference. Ken is very involved in Housing Policy, hence his membership of the Housing O & S Commitee which held it's first meeting of the municipal year this week. Ken believes that Birmingham should be at the forefront of housing policy-making for the country and should be setting the agenda for everyone else. We are after all the largest Housing Authority in the country .
Just imagine you wake up on your first wedding anniversary to find your bride can't stand the sight of you and wants a divorce, your neighbours hate you and the in-laws have taken out a restraining order against you.Your once faithful dog s..ts in your shoes every night and you have come 5th in a popularity contest behind a fourth placed Bob Mugabe. Still, things could be worse, you could wake up to find you were Gordon Brown.