Monday, 23 June 2008

Disaster strikes

We set off for Wem in bright sunshine looking forward to a nice weekend. Saturday was a real dampener with rain all day. On the evening the wind got up and at 6.30am on Sunday there was an almighty crash as the awning was blown up and over onto the roof of the motorhome. 2 of the anchorage point were pulled out of the side of the van and the awning mechanism was wrecked. We will have to see how much it will cost before deciding whether to claim on the insurance.
On the way home the cooling system started to overheat, suddenly there was a snapping sound and steam and hot water started pouring into the cab.
We called out Green Flag and the mechanic bypassed the heating system and we went on our way. It soon became obvious that the problem was not solved and we ended up being brought back on the back of a rescue truck. C'est la vie.
Today Sue was attending a Licencing Sub-Committee whilst Keith was at Frankley Library for a management meeting and then went into the Council House to meet Cllr Margaret Sutton and officers to discuss Friday's Vulnerable Children Committee.
This evening we have been out with Ken getting signatures for a petition against yet another mobile phone mast on Frankley Beeches Road. Tommorrow evening is the Northfield Constituency Committee which will be at Colmers Leisure Centre at 7.30pm.
This is open to the public and all are welcome.