Monday, 21 January 2008

Monday, Monday

This morning Sue was at the New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council offices with our Constituency Engineer to update members on the work to be undertaken to calm traffic on Ormond Road. Later she was at St. Andrews (spit) for a "Kickz" meeting. Although this the rest of the city is slow on the uptake with this scheme it is a great success in Longbridge and we can only hope the rest of our fellow Councillors recognise the benefits of it. This evening she is off to the Town Hall together with Ken Wood to see a dvd made by pupils at Colmers School about the forthcoming trip to New York by some of them as Sports Ambassadors.
A little more mundane for Keith. He is back at the Parish Council for their meeting.
You may not realise everything that you can get involved in as a Councillor. We told you last week about Keith going to a meeting of the Employees Consultative Forum but there are a couple of other groups he has been asked to join. Firstly the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust Members Council and next week he will be at his first meeting of the Sir Barry Jackson Trust at the rep. Don't worry, he promises not to turn into a luvvy.