Monday, 14 January 2008

A bad week

Sorry for not posting much last week but with so much bad news coming in this insignificant outpost of the blogosphere lost out.
Keith had a good Council meeting with a speech about the Longbridge Action Plan. The strange thing was that he was in agreement with the Labour members, and his own group it must be said, but in dispute with another local Conservative Councillor who seems to think that the land should be kept "sacrosanct" for manufacturing. Considering the mess that was left behind when MG/Rover closed we think this is the last thing we should do. Provision must be made for all skill levels for local people, even if this means part-time jobs for our teenage mothers and some of the youngsters with no skills. At the same time we will continue with our efforts to raise the skill base in the area.
Peter Hain seems to have dropped himself in it. They say what goes around comes around and now it seems the time for all those Labourites who hate him to put the boot in. It couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.
We also have a lot of fuss around Single Status. This was always going to be a minefield but it now seems the arch-hypocrite Albert Bore has joined in to support the Trade Unions. Still, he never gave a thought for the tax-payers when he was in office so why should he start now. Of course he could have sorted this out over the last ten years but lacked the courage to do so.