Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Sorry if the title of the last post confused anyone. We should have said that we were off to Wem in Shropshire for the weekend of the North Shropshire Beer Festival. This is an annual event and features a whole load off real ales from the region. There were some excellent examples on offer and a good time was had by all. This is our last weekend in the campervan before we put it away for the winter. It now has a new laminated floor. Looks good and easy to wipe clean.
As we said Keith was in Bournemouth for a conference on Adults and children's services. This was a very mixed event with contributions from Ed Balls, Andrew Lansley, Alan Johnson and Norman Lamb. Ed Balls speech lived up to his name, 45 minutes of talking without saying anything. Andrew Lansley was as good as ever and Alan Johnson was very good, quite animated and on top of his brief. Perhaps if he had been talking about hospital infections he would not have been so comfortable. Norman Lamb MP is the Lib-Dem spokesman on health. He is long on detail but a very flat speaker.
The conference has not got it's head around the split of Adult and Child services. You were either interested in one or the other and it was difficult to sit through everything if it was not relevant to your interest.
We had another contribution in Community Care magazine from a disgruntled former social worker. There is no doubt that the services in 2004 were in a dreadful state but we have made very big strides since then in improving conditions for both users and the workforce. Keith has always asked for comments from any social workers out there who want to say what they think. All in complete confidence of course.
Not a lot on this week. Keith has Education and his own O & S Committee, Sue has plenty to keep her busy and we are having the house rewired. We will keep you informed.

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