Friday, 12 October 2007

Food4Sport and food for thought

On Tuesday Sue left the Council meeting to head off to Colmers School where pupils from 4 local schools were presented with a booklet which is designed to promote sport and healthy living. Sue was invited to make a short speech and the booklets were presented by Stuart Taylor and Curtis Davis from Aston Villa.
There had been some argument as to who should go, Keith lost.
Council was a little bit more lively than the last one, perhaps because Birmingham's own "clunking fist" Sir Albert was not there. Ian Ward tried to put up a spirited defence of Gordon the bottler but found it difficult to explain why, when they could and would win an election whenever it was called, he had not done so. After all it was Gordo who had sent them home from Brighton expecting an election and a landslide win, no-one else. Personally I think it is Mike Leddy's fault, his win in Brandwood started off election fever and Gordo caught it.

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