Thursday, 25 October 2007

A little local spat

Keith is engaged in a letter bash with local Labour activists in Kings Norton at the moment. The KN3Estates organisation have asked John Lines, cabinet member for Housing, for help in getting their redevelopment plans back on track. After years of consultations and inactivity they have turned to the Council for help and the Labourites, who presided over the worst period in the Housing Department's history, have immediately started to criticise John and question his commitment to consult with local residents. They ignore the fact that locals have been consulted to death over the years but of course decent housing means nothing to them, only their own lust for power for its own sake. When will people realise that the comrades care nothing for ordinary people, only their own narrow interests and the comfort of their apparatchiks and fellow travellers?
Enough of the rant. This week has seen the Children's and Education Committee, Keith has done some training on how to handle the media and we have both been down to Somerset for the continuing saga of Sue's Mother's will. Hopefully one more trip will see it all finished.
Tommorrow is the Vulnerable Children's Committee and Sue is off to a meeting at Northfield Fire Station for a passing out parade for Junior Firefighters. Not all our kids stand around on street corners and it is right that these should be recognised. This evening we are off to Weoley to give Cllr Adrian Delaney a hand with his leaflets.
Friday evening we are attending a performance of La Traviata featuring local youngsters who went out to Verona to train and perform. A report later.

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