Saturday, 2 May 2009

Yet Another Busy Week

On Thursday Sue, Keith and Ken attended Birmingham University to listen to the outcome of a report into the effects the Rover closure had had on the area and the people who lost their jobs. It was a facinating insight and Birmingham University should be congratulated for the excellent piece of work. The seminar was well attended with the audience including representatives from Jaguar Land Rover, Birmingham City Council, Trades Unions and of course the current MP. Much of the content was even more poignant considering the current situation at LDV.
Throughout the seminar a well balanced and interesting report was given and its such a shame that the MP then had to spoil it by trying to turn it into a party political broadcast.
So just to balance things up a little bit here are a couple of questions people should ask him if they bump into him 1. Why is it that the University have managed to produce a report BUT his government have failed to produce any sort of report into the demise of Rover despite spending approx £15m of taxpayers money ie your money, on it? 2. Just what is he doing to ensure that his Westminster cronies come up with the money to ensure Bournville College move onto the Longbridge site? ( Call us cynical but I hope it wont be the case that the money suddenly appears just when the general election is called !!)
3. As chairman of the All Party Motor Group, just what is he doing to try and preserve the thousands of manufacturing jobs that rely on the automotive industry for survival.