Monday, 18 May 2009

On the radio

On Thursday evening we had a new experience, a recording of a radio programme.
BBC radio wm came to the Holly Hill Centre to record a programme about Frankley. On the panel were Keith, Andy Ross, Councillor Sue Anderson and our sensitive local MP.
We all answered questions from members of the public and were asked to make pledges to cover the next 12 months.
Keith pledged to push the refurbishment of the Frankley Shopping Centre and pursue the Forestdale Community Park Project.
Afterwards we managed to get some photos of the presenter Joanne Mallin.
Keith was at the Frankley Shopping Centre the next morning at 7.00am in the pouring rain to do an interview with Phil Upton on the morning show. Some others were supposed to turn up but they didn't make it and left the field clear for Keith.
We managed to get a couple of photos for you.