Thursday, 16 April 2009

Longbridge Ward Committee

Last night we held the Ward Committee at Frankley Community High School.
As usual there were not many members of the public there. This can be viewed two ways: are there no issues that people get excited about or are we not publicising the events enough? The details are published inthe Forward, on the Council website and in the local libraries but it is obviously not enough and we will have to think of extending and expanding the publicity.
It was still an interesting meeting with a police report from Inspector Thurlow and updates on the Youth Service and Deelands Hall on the Cockhill estate.
The YES (Youth Enterprise Scheme) continues in Frankley, this is the group that came out of the Frankley Summit and is attracting funds and training youngsters to bring in other young people in order to provide them with alternatives to hanging about on the streets causing trouble.
It looks as if Deelands Hall will be taken on by Syconium who are a Community Enterprise Company already doing outreach work across Northfield. This will enable the hall to be opened regularly to local people and provide somewhere for local kids to go.
This Saturday morning Keely Huxtable and local Councillors and activists will be manning a stall outside Northfield Shopping Centre as part of an Action Day on Pensions & Savings. If you see Keely there stop and have a chat and maybe sign the petition.
We were recently at Ormond Road to see the work going on to make the road safer and cut down speeding. We managed to find the money, £120.000, from some Sec.106 money left over from the Great Park Development. There are some photos including a couple of the team who were carrying out the work, Chris, Steve and Paul.