Saturday, 11 April 2009

Longbridge Area Action Plan

The AAP was formally accepted at full Council last Tuesday. Cllrs Ken Wood and Keith Barton both spoke in the chamber expressing their relief that at long last, having had to jump through more than enough Government Hoops, that it can now get underway. However both also expressed their deep concern that the Learning Skills Council - having got its sums wrong - may put a halt to the move of Bournville College to the Longbridge site. Yet another example of the current Labour Government being incapable of keeping its own house in order! Keith called on the Northfield Labour MP to get moving and start fighting Longbridges corner - after all he has always been quick enough to criticise others so now perhaps he can do his bit and get the college move funded as promised. Ken expressed his opinion and concerns, that in the same way the residents of Longbridge and Northfield were used as political pawns in the run up to the last general election when the Rover situation was coming to a head, they were again about to suffer the same fate in the run up to the next one
Regardless of the above, the moving of Bournville College is critical if we are to get the kick start we need on the redevelopment and you can rest assured that your Conservative councillors and PPC Keely Huxtable will be doing everything they can to ensure it happens.