Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Men in uniforms, yes its Sue again.

Last Friday evening Sue went out on a police van doing the rounds of local pubs. As you know she was also out recently with Green Watch from Northfield Fire Station, the only ones safe so far are the paramedics but as we have a station on the Hollymoor we expect they will get a visit soon.
We have some problem pubs in Longbridge but also some experienced landlords who are trying to turn them into family orientated hostelries. Good luck to them. Sadly we also have some landlords who fall into the trap of thinking that poor profits can be countered by failing to follow the rules. One such was visited and quite a few under-age drinkers were found there. Suffice to say that this landlord and these premises will receive much closer attention in future and if this activity continues we will not hesitate to call for a review of the license.
We have now finished our preparations for Christmas and are getting ready to enjoy a couple of days of fun and feasting so to all of you we would like to say


Yes, even Paul Dale.