Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I tried saving the world but....

A personal note from Keith.
We are having to change our car from a Micra to a 2lt Diesel Mondeo. Before Paul Dale decides this is further evidence of my climate change denial or that I am on a one man mission to destroy our environment let me explain. Some of you will remember that Sue and I went to the Caravan Show in October and bought a caravan. With the best will in the world a Micra is incapable of pulling a caravan, therefore the neccessity of buying a bigger car. This all means of course that we will not be flying abroad for the forseeable future and I wonder if this means we will be carbon neutral as far as holidays go. Well it is as good a theory as we hear from the Government.
After the knife crime figure fiasco we now have the teachers unions insisting that the numbers of violent incidents in classrooms are not as the information released by the government says they are. Are they therefore saying that all figures released by this government are suspect? Welcome to the world of Nulabour.