Saturday, 10 May 2008

Order from chaos

Alongside all the work involved during the election and Sue's broken arm domestic matters also have to run their course. You may remember us telling you about the re-wire we had to have done on the house. This week we have been doing the main bedroom. We moved into the spare bedroom whilst the room was stripped, old wardrobes dismantled and new ones installed, new paint job and wallpaper. A new carpet was fitted and a new bed purchased to replace the old one. No unsavoury jokes or comments please. Not necessarily in that order, or in fact in any order it seemed. Today it all looks almost as it should.
Timing is of the essence, Yesterday was Keith's birthday, he will not say how old he is but he was heard to mutter " so where the hell do I get this bus pass", tomorrow is Sue's birthday, a gentleman doesn't ask. During this 3 day period the following have or will occur: Keith attended a meeting of West Heath Youth Aware and conducted a Custody visit around the local cop shops. You realise how hot it is when you enter a cell where someone has spent the night after a belly full of beer the night before. Sue & Ken visited a local garden which was open to the public as a charity fund-raiser. Keith thinks " Hang on, I'm the senior Councillor round here, how come I get the ...... end of the stick?"
This evening the family gather for a celebration meal at a local Chinese restaurant situated in the former Tram Terminus toilet block, "hang on" says Keith, "How come......."
Tomorrow we are both off to St. Andrews to watch the losers, sorry, Blues attempt to retain their Premiership status and present them with a cheque for £25000. Keith reckons they can buy 2 strikers with that but Sue insists it is spent on Longbridge kids to keep them out of trouble.