Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Grass cutting

On Sunday morning Keith started mowing the back lawn. So what you might ask, so do millions of others all over the country. The main difference is that this was the first time this year the lawn had seen a mower. The grass was 18 inches in height due to Keith's neglect and it will need about 3 cuts to get it into any order. This is what happens when you get involved in politics in general and elections in particular, everything else goes by the board and has to wait. If anyone is thinking about becoming involved in politics be prepared to be sucked further & further in. It is a fascinating subject, not boring as some would say but it can overwhelm your life if you are not careful especially if you are in a seat which requires constant focus and attention if it is to be held. Here is a little secret on winning elections, the campaign for the next election starts the day after you win the last one, not 4 weeks before. That's what our last opponent didn't understand, he had not put a leaflet out for 4 years and the great majority of voters did not know who he was.
Anyway, we should let you know about the match at St. Andrews. The event started in some disarray when we were suddenly informed that the presentation was to take place before the start of the match and not at half time as planned. We had to get pitch-side in about 2 minutes. Sue and Insp. Tim Thurlow walked on with a giant cheque, one photo was taken and they walked off again, all very perfunctory. Luckily Keith managed to get some photos which we will put up for you. It was all rather unfortunate as the Community unit are one of their success stories this season but the club does not seem to realise how good it is and fail to grasp the goodwill and favourable publicity it could bring for the club.
The match itself was quite exciting, the team played well and the pitch-side seats made it all a lot more personal as you could hear the grunts and shouts from the players and feel the impact as boots went flying in and appreciate the effort the individual players put in. All a bit different to being up in the stands where it becomes a bit more of a chess game when seen from a distance.
On Saturday night Keith was asked by some Bluenose friends if he wanted them to be relegated, here is the difference between the two sets of supporters. Keith was sat in front of two fans whose main concern, when they realised that they would be relegated was that Villa would not finish above Everton and gain entry to the EUFA Cup. One of them actually said that it might be better if Blues lost as it may help Blackburn finish above Villa. This is what we Villans cannot understand, we are not concerned about our rivals, only how our own team is doing. If we were relegated it would not make things any better if Blues failed as well but the Bluenoses seem to be able to take consolation in the slightest misfortune that befalls the Villa. Perhaps if they could get the chip off their collective shoulder and relieve themselves of their inferiority complex they would be better able to support their own side and contribute to some success.
Anyway, back to the politics, or at least Local Government. Sue stepped in as substitute on a Licensing Sub-Committee yesterday, the Officers refer to her as "Supersub" as she is always willing to step in if a Councillor cannot make it. Yesterday was all about errant taxi drivers. Past experience has shown that many of the drivers need a lot of supervision and enforcement, particularly private hire drivers. Keith was at an "Away afternoon" with SWBCA concerning the move into Oddingley Hall. More on that nearer the event.
This morning Sue is meeting officers on The Roundabout where she has asked them to inspect all the supposedly empty garages in order to get them ready to be let. We have too many which could be let but are standing empty and income-less whilst parking cause a lot of problems on the narrow roads. For Keith it is back to the grass until this evening when he will be helping newly elected Councillors to understand the reasons for carrying out Section 33 visits to Children's Homes and Elderly Peoples Homes. Wish him luck.