Monday, 10 December 2007

Opening of Longbridge Innovation Building

A breakfast meeting this am at Longbridge Technology Park. We were there at 8.15 to listen to Liam Byrne MP. Who says we don't earn our crust? It was the long
awaited official opening of the Innovation Building, although it has been open for some time and already has over 40% occupancy.
Afterwards we listened to Mr Byrne presenting the Regional Investment Strategy. This will show the way that investment will come into the region and what local leaders will have to do to ensure that this bears fruit over the next few years. Keith managed to ask a question about how the government will get all the "neets" out of bed, into training and into jobs. Mr Byrne gave a long winded answer about the need to do this but no hint or suggestion about HOW we can do it. Same old same old. We suppose we will have to wait for a Conservative government with its ideas on the Wisconsin experience before we get any answers.

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