Saturday, 15 December 2007

A mixed week

Just to let you know what we have been up to this week.
Keith is still recovering from his hip operation but is gradually easing back into things. He managed a short drive on Tuesday to see a constituent with a problem. This involved using muscles which he has not been using since the op but came through fairly well. Afterwards a meeting of the Great Park Business Group followed but as the police were unable to attend there were no crime figures available and a little bit of a waste of time. We did hear that PC Stuart Smith had resigned. He has been an extremely hardworking officer and made a real difference to the area. He will be missed but the upside of it is that he is joining the Kickz Project at BCFC.
Sue actually chaired the meeting at St. Andrews on Thursday of the city wide Kickz Project. This has been very successful in London were it was mainly funded by the Metropolitan Police who recognised how useful it was in diverting youths away from crime. We can only hope that West Midlands Police show such judgement. We always live in hope.
we both went into the Council House for a meeting on Wednesday only to find that it had been cancelled. A bit of window shopping down the Bull Ring followed but by the time we got back Keith was feeling the effects. He had already had a long walk in the morning and a very uncomfortable night followed. That'll teach him!
Luckily another meeting early on Thursday was also cancelled so Keith was able to rest up.
There was a full day on Friday, Keith went to a meeting of the Northfield Strategic Partnership in the morning followed by a meeting of Chairs of O & S at the Council House and then off to Frankley to talk to the Ward Support Officer and the Constituency lead on the Safer, Greener project. This was to discuss ideas for using up our remaining NRF allocation and trying to look forward to next year when the system changes.
Sue has also been busy in the Ward supporting several projects which are contributing to the improvements to the quality of life of everyone.

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