Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Noses to the grindstone

Yesterday was a normal work-day. No visits to anywhere or from the Lord Mayor.
Keith had meetings during the morning with Scrutiny office staff in his new office. Yes, now he is a Committee Chairman he gets his own office. It is one of 3 made out of one office but is lucky in that he does not have to share with a deputy chairman as Jon Hunt already has his own office. This means a little more room which is at a premium in the Council House.
He also had a meeting with Cllr Les Lawrence about the realignment of Youth Services with Connexions and the Youth Offending Team coming on board and combining to offer more integrated services hopefully backed up by the government's plans for a youth centre for every ward. We don't know if this money will show up but if it does we will be ready to spend it.
That evening saw us all at the Constituency Committee. Only half of the Labour members turned up along with the MP but made a valiant effort to make mischief about the budget. Thanks yet again due to government efficiency savings demands this will be a very challenging year but as in the past we will be working very hard to overcome the disadvantages.

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