Thursday, 2 August 2007

Litter picking

Last night was a great success. A load of people turned up and the buffet was excellent. We use the Cock Inn on Rubery Lane. Its a great pub and the customers are really down to earth people who don't let us get away with anything. Martin and Lena, the previous owners did a marvellous job and now Damien and his partner have taken it over. Since the smoking ban they have started doing a lot more food, its good pub grub, excellent portions and real value for money. Give it a try sometime.
Today we've been litter-picking on Frankley. We had an "all out day". The police and Housing Officers were knocking on doors with home security packs and asking if residents had any concerns. The feedback was really positive with most people saying how much better things are these days. Most concerns were with low level nuisance and these are always hard to pin down. But it can and will be sorted. The Council may work a bit slowly at times but can be very effective given enough evidence.

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