Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Last night we were at the Northfield Constituency Committee. There was a last minute hitch as Cllr Margaret & Cllr Geoff Sutton couldn't make it due to a family emergency so Keith had to stand in as chairman.
The Labour group, both of them plus the MP, decided to attack efficiency savings that are being proposed in the budget. They try every which way to make out that they are cuts in front line services when they are in fact reductions in back room expenditure. Its a bit ironic as we are forced to make these savings due to the Labour Government insistence on Gershon Savings.
I suppose cynicism and hypocrisy are the only shot left in the locker when they are in the state they are.
Tonight we are hosting a party for some of the people who helped out during the election. We are hoping only about 20 people turn up as the food won't go much further. It should be a good night if last year is anything to go by.

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