Monday, 15 February 2010

Cameron Direct

On Tuesday David Cameron came to Bartley Green for another Cameron Direct. Firstly he opened the new Edgbaston Conservatives office in Illybrooke Square. This is a run down block of shops which now has a clean looking office instead of a boarded up derelict shop. David spent a good while there before shooting off to Bartley Green School for the main event.
There was a packed room and a mixed audience. Conservative candidates and activists were not allowed in although some managed to get in and stood at the back. There were some very varied questions and even Radio WM and BRMB managed to ask questions.
All in all a very impressive event.
Prior to the meeting there was a photo opp for PPCs and as the official photographer was unavailable Keith was asked to take the photos. He also managed to get into the main hall as well so there are some photos for you.