Sunday, 24 January 2010

More in sorrow than anger

It appears that the newly selected Labour candidate for Longbridge has decided that as Labour has nothing positive to say they will embark on a negative campaign by attacking ourselves. We have always tried, as stated in this blog to concentrate on what we do as Councillors and we will continue in this vein.
However when what we will call "mistakes" appear in other fora we may respond with a correction. For instance, our opponent alleges that we persuaded the Frankley Parish Council not to deliver our local MP's Parliamentary Report with the Neighbourhood news. The truth is we had no say in that at all. It was the PC's decision, we were not consulted and would not expect to be.
The Parish Council did, as in the past, deliver our Council produced Christmas card. It is then made to appear that an insert from Keely was with these. The truth is that no inserts were delivered with the Neighbourhood News. In all other parts of Longbridge we delivered the cards and inserts ourselves as we are entitled to do.
We have always treated the Parish Council as a non-political body as they themselves wish to be treated and this policy will continue
We can only hope that the days of Labour spin are coming to an end. This is something we have been working for over the last few years and at last our goal in in sight. Roll on May 6th and let's be rid of Gordon Brown, Alistair Campbell, Damian McBride et al. Let's bring back truth and honesty to our politics.