Sunday, 8 November 2009

Labour Hypocrisy still rampant.

We read with great interest the recent article in the Birmingham Post highlighting the local MPs comments to Jaguar bosses that "they must restore trust with the workforce". Fine words and rhetoric from a person whose government have condemned thousands of manufacturing workers to the dole queue.
Ken, as a recruitment consultant whose company works closely with the automotive industry has seen at first hand the devastating effects the current governments lack of support has caused. Whilst pumping £billions into the banking system this government have failed in a dramatic fashion to provide support to the manufacturing industries in the Midlands - Jaguar being a prime example !
And lets not forget that as a direct result of the Labour governments love of taxation on emissions they have done more to force people into buying foreign cars than any other before them.
So here we are in the Midlands producing world reknowned quality built and prestigeous cars such as Jaguar and Landrover and Labour have a company car taxation system that effectively puts people off having them. Thats a great example of support to the industry !!
As for restoring trust with anyone I think the MP has a cheek trying to lecture anyone when MPs should be doing their utmost to restore trust with the electorate.
So I'm afraid it looks like same old soundbites and crocodile tears from Labour but then again there is an election looming !!