Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Great expectations

There is some fevered speculation that we may get a new film studio on the MG/Rover site. We have been watching this closely and if there is a possibility of it happening we would grab it with all 6 hands. However, and there is always an however, things are at a very early stage and it would be unfair if not downright cruel to raise people's hopes only for them to be dashed.
Pinewood Studios put in a planning application which was rejected. We all know from bitter experience that this is only the start. The appeals process allows them to go over the heads of local people and their representatives and impose a solution from above. We will watch with interest.
It has now been announced that Trinity Mirror Newspapers are to turn the Birmingham Post into a weekly edition with a multi-media profile, that's a website to you and me. The Birmingham Mail will cease to be a evening paper and become a morning paper, competing with papers like The Sun, Daily Mail etc. Yes well..... The Post Editor is to leave at the end of the year. Keith has met Marc Reeve and admired his efforts to save a fine old Birmingham institution which had fallen into the hands of the owners of the Mirror. We see Paul Dale has kept his job. Steve (I want a mayor) Dyson, editor of the Mail is also leaving.