Sunday, 4 January 2009

Balaam's Bramble Bash

Back to work on Saturday. Keith was at an advice centre at the Parish Council offices whilst Sue was bashing the brambles at Balaam's Wood. This involved digging up lots of the brambles which proliferate in the wood and which prevent the Bluebells coming through later in the year. In case anyone is concerned about cover for the birdlife there are plenty left and the meadow is surrounded by deep cover for the birds. It is hoped that this will lead to many more sightings for those that use the meadow.
As members of the RSPB Keith and Sue are concerned that a balance is maintained between flora, fauna and people in the wood. Luckily we have the Friend's of Balaams Wood and the Local Nature Reserve Management Committee, of which Sue is a member, who all do a splendid job looking after one of our most prized assets.
As birdlovers Keith and Sue have been delighted to find several Goldfinchs coming to their garden feeders. This is the first time these wonderfully coloured birds have been seen in their garden and are welcome additions to all the others species which feed there.
Ken has been very busy delivering leaflets and our end of year cards. We hope they are useful with the calendar, contact numbers and handy numbers and would encourage everyone to keep them all through the year, you never know when they will come in useful.