Friday, 7 November 2008

Council meeting

Things got a bit heated at Tuesday's meeting. Keith asked Cllr John Lines a question on housing and a guy in the public chamber started shouting at him. He is apparently a member of a group who are squatting on a site in Balsall Heath where he is demanding we build houses. He does not appear to be employed himself so we suppose he wants everyone else to pay for them. Isn't it amazing that those who won't pay always have the biggest demands. The "something for nothing" tendency are still alive and well. We are not sure how linked this parasite is to senior members of the Labour Group but rumours abound. Anyway after a 10 minute break we went back in and carried on. Let's hope he is banned from future meetings.
Keith also seconded a motion on skills and manufacturing and later spoke during Len Gregory's report on Highways and Street Services.
The next day Keith went off to Warwick University to an "awayday", surely that should be an "awaynight" as we stayed over.
Today we had another highlight! Sue and Keith went to Callowbrook Day centre to present a cake to a lady who is celebrating her 100th birthday. Her name is Gertrude but she prefers Trudy, and why not. We hope to attend many more centenery's in the future.
On Sunday morning we will be attending the Remembrance Service followed in the afternoon by a Diwali celebration at Millenium Point. It is a varied life.